correctly on your vehicle

Align rack parallel to your roof. Lay 2 furthest feet at an angle and gently lay down.

Gently push rack horizontally to make sure it is secure and does not move.

Step 1

While holding MAGNERAK C1, face it in the direction of the vehicle from the driver's side.

Gently lay down the rack at an angle so you can position the rack as straight as possible in the vehicle's direction.

  • Remember to first wipe the roof top with a clean cloth
  • Also wipe the feet before putting it on

Step 2

Here is another view of holding the rack while making small adjustments so the rack and rods face straight forward.

NOTE: This mid-size SUV has a trunk that opens and hits the rods when M1 is mounted on. You must remove M1 before opening the trunk.

  • Remember to makes slight adjustments before putting all the feet down
  • If your trunk will hit the rack when you open it, remember to remove M1 before opening.

Step 3

It is hard to move the rack and make adjustments once it is mounted.

Be sure to make the adjustments while you are still holding this position.

  • Make sure all 4 feet attaches flat when you put the rack down
  • Gently push the rack horizontally to make sure it is secure and does not move


correctly on your vehicle

Slide 3 or 4 fingers of your right hand into the Lift Strap located in the rear of the rack. Place your left hand on the front corner of the rack.

Lift your right hand up and apply a vertical pull to the corner with the lift strap while also lifting the front corner with your left hand.