Go Fishing with MAGNERAK!

Our mission is to provide practical solutions so we can spend more time fishing and being outdoors.

MAGNERAK is based in San Antonio, TX. MAGNERAK was invented, designed and developed by a husband and wife team. In 2023, we celebrate 10 years of MAGNERAK in the making and officially launch in May 2023.  MAGNERAK’s sole purpose is to make life easier when we go fishing. MAGNERAK is a simple and efficient way to transport fishing rods with reels. We are creative innovators focusing on design and technology, working together to unify form and function. We believe in flexibility of form and function and we bring this philosophy to everything we do including MAGNERAK and fishing. 


About The Company

MAGNERAK is an innovative company dedicated to bringing the next generation fishing rod racks for vehicles. MAGNERAK has been working for over 7 years in developing solid, reliable, and innovative products for the sport fishing industry: MAGNERAK M1, a magnetic fishing rod roof rack for any vehicle and MAGNERAK C1, a clamp model for vehicles with adjustable crossbars. We have collaborated with top-notch engineers and manufacturers, to bring you a product that is both functional and visually appealing. The marriage of form and function is required to deliver a product 

that is user friendly in addition to having a “cool factor” to the visual esthetics. We not only want to make the lives of fishermen easier but also deliver a product that looks great.

MAGNERAK launched MAGNERAK M1 AND C1 on KICKSTARTER on August 6, 2018. We felt that as a small business we should utilize a crowd funding portal like Kickstarter so that we can share with unique people all over the world our journey from concept to blueprint to finished product.

Our magnets

MAGNERAK utilizes one of the oldest forces known, magnetism, and we use the strongest existing magnets, Neodymium, to secure the device to your vehicle.

MAGNERAK has been tested on various types of vehicles from 2-door & 4-door cars, to crossovers, mini vans, trucks and SUVs.

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Safe for all U.S. speed limits

We have done over 7 years of road testing to ensure that the product is safe and reliable for transport. Road tests done with over 100,000 miles driven in Texas and through 26 states. Tests show no visible loss in a vehicle’s fuel economy. Weather conditions included driving in heavy rain and thunderstorms with 40-50 MPH wind gusts. Driving conditions included up to 75 MPH with cross winds behind SEMIs in rough weather.

Use caution in bad weather

MAGNERAK does not move or detach under extreme driving and weather conditions or minor vehicle accidents.

 MAGNERAK does not move and the tips of the fishing rods do not hit each other at high speeds. MAGNERAK is safe to use and rated for all legal U.S. speed limits. Please slow down in bad weather, use caution and drive carefully as you normally would.

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R&D for 7 years

MAGNERAK has been tested and developed for over 7 years on 100+ vehicles with extensive driving and fishing. It has evolved to a very user friendly, functional and practical device. Through multiple Prototypes with major revisions and upgrades each round, we can truly say that MAGNERAK is the coolest, most convenient, and user friendly fishing rod and reel transport solution on the market. For the past ten years, since its invention, we have never gone fishing without MAGNERAK. Besides being the world's 1st, MAGNERAK truly is the most convenient, efficient, fast, and an over all transformation of how we transport fishing rods with reels on most vehicles.



Magnerak R&D, & Testing