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MAGNERAK M1 Fishing Roof Rack


Magnetic Fishing Rod Roof Rack for Most Vehicles.
SHIPS December 2020

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Magnetic Fishing Rod Roof Rack for Most Vehicles with a Ferrous metal Roof.
All Pre-orders will ship in December 2020.

MAGNERAK M1 is a revolutionary way to transport your fishing rods with reels on any vehicle with a ferrous metal roof. With MAGNERAK M1 you do not need any cross bars, additional hardware, tools or assembly. Now you can easily transport 1 or 2 piece saltwater and freshwater rods, 2 rods up to 12’ long and 1 rod up to 9’ long or 3-5 rods of various sizes, with spinning or conventional reels on small 2-door coupes and 4-door sedans! Magnerak M1 can be used on cars, vans, trucks, SUVs and vehicles with sunroofs. All you need is 23″ of available roof space in length. MAGNERAK M1 is difficult to move once attached to a vehicle’s roof or metal surface. To detach the rack pull up on the included lift strap with your right hand while holding the front of MAGNERAK with your left hand. Once one foot lifts up the rest come off easy when lifted vertically. 

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